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Camping Guidelines


We hope your stay is pleasant and memorable.  Please read these rules before setting up your equipment. If you cannot, for any reason, abide by all of these rules, please report to the office.

  • All visitors must register at the office upon arrival.  

  • All vehicles must display a valid car pass.

  • Payment is due in full upon registration.  

  • Do not change sites without office approval.

  • No parking on campsites that are not assigned to you.

  • One family per campsite.  There is an extra charge for guests. 

  • One vehicle per site.

  • Quiet time is 11:00pm-8:00am.  Do not disturb other campers after this hour.  All children are to be back at their campsite, this is your responsibility.  Parents will be held liable for any damage caused by their children and guests.

  • Children must not be left at the campground unattended, they must have a responsible adult over 21 years old with them at all times, day and night in case of accident or injury.

  • No clothes lines on sites.

  • No alcoholic beverages, of any kind, permitted.

  • Bad language will not be tolerated.

  • Nails in trees, cutting of trees and shrubs in any way is strictly forbidden. ($500.00 fine)

  • No bicycle riding without proper lights after dark, it is too dangerous!

  • Speed limit is 5 M.P.H.

  • All boats and water crafts must not be put on campsite.  They must be put in storage area (There is a fee).

  • Campfires  must be attended by a responsible adult at all times.  Must be kept small, up to 12” above the ring. They must also be extinguished (out cold) before leaving site or retiring for the evening or by 12:00 midnight.

  • One table and fire ring per campsite. Do not take from other sites.

  • Please observe and obey the speed limit. 5 MPH on all campground roads.

  • Please use roads and paths to avoid trespassing on other campsites.

  • Fireworks, firearms, BB guns, slingshots, drones, paintball games or laser lights are not permitted.

  • Minibikes, mopeds, golf carts, battery operated scooters, quads, and dirt bikes are not permitted.

  • Shellbay Campground is NOT responsible for lost items.

  • Do not wash trailers or cars on the site.

  • Upon arrival, we accept cash or money orders.  No personal checks or credit cards.  

  • Reservations are made when one night is paid in advance.  This holds campsite for 24 hours.

  • Check-out time is 1:00pm. Late departure will be charged an extra 1/2 day rate.  Please see office for late check-out, if available.

  • Please return gate cards for refund of deposit. 


Cabin Rental


Check In: 1:00pm

Check Out: 11:00am

  • Cabins are located near the pool and restrooms.  

  • They have electric, air conditioning, 1 double bed, 2 single beds (bunk beds), picnic table, charcoal grill (no cooking inside the cabin), 2 chairs, TV, and a large porch with table and bench.  You will need to supply your own linens and cooking equipment.

  • Cabins sleep 4 people.  One family per site.

  • Cabins may be rented for a 3 day minimum.

  • Due to the fact that some guests may have allergies, pets are not permitted in the cabins.

  • Positively NO SMOKING OR VAPING in the cabins.

  • Tents or additional sleeping facilities are not permitted on rental cabin sites.

  • Rental cabin must be cleaned prior to your departure.


  • Help keep the washrooms clean.  Children are not permitted to play in the washrooms.  Small children must be accompanied by adults when using these facilities.  There is a fee for showers (metered).

  • Bathhouse is air conditioned.

  • Do not wash dishes in the washrooms


  • The laundromat is located in the bathhouse.

  • Please be sure to remove all items from washers and dryers as soon as they are completed (as others are waiting to use the facilities).


  • No lifeguard on duty (not required).  Swimming in the pool is at your own risk.  Children under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by responsible adults over 21 years old.  The pool depth reaches 9 feet.  Pools hours are 10am-6pm. (Memorial Day through Labor Day). Extra charge for visitors using pool or spa. (Register at the office).

  • The spa is for adults to relax - it is not for swimming, diving, holding your head under water or splashing.  Children under 16 years old MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult over 21 years old at all times.

  • No glass or alcohol is permitted in the pool area.

  • No pets in the pool area.


  • Campground facilities and playground equipment to be used at your own risk.  Children under 5 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Closed 11pm-8am.


  • Pets must be on a short leash at all times, and to remain tied on a strong durable chain or rope that will not allow the pet to extend off the site in any direction.  All pets should have proper papers for vaccinations to be presented to the campground owner.  If any pet is creating a disturbance or being a nuisance, the pet shall be immediately removed per the request of the management.  No more than 2 pets per site allowed.  Visitors of guests are not permitted to bring pets.  Children shall not be allowed to walk pets.  Pets are to be tied and kept quiet not to create a noise nuisance at all times.  They must NOT be left unattended at ANY TIME and are to be walked in undeveloped areas only, on a leash.  Cleanliness is the responsibility of the pet owner.  You must carry a bag or clean up device with you when taking your pet for a walk.  NO VICIOUS animals are permitted on campground property.  Pets are not permitted at any time in the play area, open fields, pool area, bathroom, office, or any buildings including cabins & rental trailer.


  • There is no trash pick-up on each site.  There are trash containers on the backside of the bathhouse.

  • 1 for household trash

  • 1 for paper, cans, and glass

  • No bulk trash permitted

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